Master’s graduate says NZTC studies a life-changing experience

Master’s graduate says NZTC studies a life-changing experience

With a background in science, Fijian-based Vindy Ranasinghe decided to pursue studies in early childhood education to fulfil her deep-rooted enthusiasm for nurturing and educating young children. 

What solidified her decision to pursue postgraduate studies in ECE was a pivotal moment during her Bachelor of Science studies, where she took a paper on developmental psychology. 

NZTC_Vindy Ranasinghe,Master of Early Childhood Education
Vindy Ranasinghe,
Master of Early Childhood Education

“It made me realise just how important it is for children to receive the right sort of care in their early years, and so I thought pursuing a future in the field of ECE would be a great way to contribute to it.” 

When choosing a tertiary provider, Ranasinghe was drawn to NZTC’s accessibility, allowing her to study the Master of Early Childhood Education from Fiji. 

“I looked through the course content and the program structure, and it was just perfect for me with a flexible study mode as well as starting dates. Everything that NZTC offered was aligned with the kind of study option that I was looking for.” 

Ranasinghe expresses how straightforward studying via NZTC Online has been, with study resources at her fingertips, and support just an email away. 

“You have everything you need, not just all the course-relevant material but extra scholarly resources too, not to mention the support.  

“I appreciated that we could access course content, including information about the assessments, at the beginning of the semester, so I could plan ahead for the upcoming weeks.” 

She shares how her postgraduate studies have benefited her in all aspects of life, emphasising the critical thinking skills gained, and the collaborative nature of NZTC’s online learning community. 

“We’re encouraged to reflect on how the course content applies to our experiences, which expands my own understanding and thinking. Having undertaken another postgraduate program elsewhere, I can say the program with NZTC is truly collaborative.  

“I have gained a lot of knowledge and insights through discussions with other students and lecturers.” 

Looking ahead, Ranasinghe is interested in becoming a leader in an ECE setting, and eventually hopes to manage her own early childhood centre in Fiji. 

“I’m so glad I chose to study ECE with NZTC. It might sound cliché for me to say this, but my study with NZTC really was a life-changing experience!”