Mission statement and values

Our mission statement and values

We are guided by our New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) mission statement, which provides a clear direction for all of our present and future activities:

Mission Statement

"New Zealand Tertiary College values people and is committed to empowering students to care, educate and serve meaningfully and effectively by providing comprehensive and professional programs."


Our college values

Four values underpin our mission statement. These values are constant reminders of our priorities for everything we do:


Vision - Te Mata

Guided by deep care and respect for the vulnerable and recognising their potential unique needs we are encouraged to look to the future and dedicated to the best outcomes for those whose lives we touch.

Heart - Ngākau

With heart and kindness we celebrate and embrace people and their diverse cultures, talents and abilities. We acknowledge that it is through our students love and affection that families and the wider community benefit.

Competence - Poutama

Dedicated to increasing competence and confidence, we enable students to make a positive difference through care, education, professional service and a commitment to excellence.

Spirit - Wairua

Encompasses not only a spirit to succeed and act with courage, but is a powerful acknowledgement of God’s spirit; the life-force within every adult and child. We acknowledge this spiritual dimension, His guidance and enabling in our lives, our endeavours and our outreach.