Latest in dementia care shared at PD evening

Latest in dementia care shared at PD evening


Healthcare workers from a diverse range of healthcare-related roles came together to enhance their knowledge of dementia care at New Zealand Tertiary College’s first health and wellbeing professional development evening held on Thursday 9 November.

Following the successful launch of Level 3 and 4 health and wellbeing programs this year, NZTC hosted the professional development evening for the college’s health and wellbeing students and their colleagues to extend its support of the sector.  

“Healthcare is an area of constant change. Arming healthcare professionals with good quality, up-to-date information results in a better outcome for clients and families,” said NZTC Health and Wellbeing Lecturer Mandi Smith.

“We know that healthcare workers make such a difference, and we wanted to give back to those who care for others. Professional development evenings are an opportunity for us to say thank you for the work that they do,” she said.

Guest speaker Maria Co – Carer Education Programme Leader at Dementia Auckland – captured attendees’ attention as she shared the latest information about the different causes of dementia, its signs and symptoms, the disease’s progression, care strategies, and more.

“New information about dementia is constantly emerging, so it’s vital for people caring for those living with the condition to keep up-to-date with the latest facts and findings,” explained Maria.

Guest speaker Maria Co

Jenny Fegan, a registered nurse, found the information shared at the event particularly informative and relevant, as she is affected by dementia in both a professional and personal capacity.  

“The professional development evening was a good opportunity for me to learn more about dementia. I come across the disease in my work, and my father has dementia, so this was a great source of information on a personal and professional level. The information was really relevant and pitched at the right level for the varied audience,” said Jenny.  

For volunteer Christina Zhang, the professional development evening provided an opportunity to better understand a disease that she often encounters in her volunteer work with the elderly.

“I see lots of elderly people who live with dementia who need my help, but I don’t understand the situation they are in and what they are experiencing,” Christina remarked.

“The information that I learnt tonight will help me to understand what they are going through and help me to be able to give them the care that they need,” she said.