New He Kupu issue explores ‘Innovation out of challenge’

New He Kupu issue explores ‘Innovation out of challenge’

Innovative responses from the early childhood sector during the Covid-19 lockdowns of the last two years have informed the 28th edition of He Kupu titled ‘Innovation out of challenge’.

Reflecting on a time when many felt isolated, the new edition shines light on the different ways the early childhood sector stepped up during unprecedented challenge to support children and their whānau.

NZTC Academic Dean, Sean Dolan, hopes the various contributions by ECE professionals will lead to a reflection on the advantages remote technologies can offer the early childhood sector.

“In this special issue of He Kupu, we look at how the early childhood sector responded to the challenges of lockdowns. Each of the articles takes a slightly different perspective of the pandemic, recounting student teachers’ and the sector’s response at large.”

The new issue features articles and book reviews from 15 contributors covering a wide-range of topics, all under the common theme of creating innovation in challenging times.

By analysing local and international literature, contributors discuss the benefits and challenges of online learning for tamariki, kaiako and whānau. One such benefit explored, is the greater connection between teacher and whānau, helping to bridge the gap between the centre and home. The edition also provides practical tips and strategies for developing and implementing effective online learning experiences for young children.

During a challenging two years, the latest issue of He Kupu is a celebration of how ECE providers went above and beyond, supporting children’s learning needs using technology, while also providing emotional and social support for whānau and community.

“Given the feelings of isolation and disconnection that are a consequence of social distancing, early childhood education fulfilled a significant role in supporting the wellbeing of children and whānau during the pandemic,” Dolan reflects.

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