Digital NZ and He Kupu partner to increase journal’s reach

Digital NZ and He Kupu partner to increase journal’s reach

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A partnership between DigitalNZ and He Kupu is set to increase the journal’s New Zealand audience, further supporting the early childhood sector through peer-reviewed research and knowledge.

Content aggregator DigitalNZ, which is located within the National Library of New Zealand, approached He Kupu publisher New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) offering a content partnership in March.

He Kupu is an online journal published twice annually by NZTC. Recent editions have focused on weaving biculturalism into everyday practice and children’s social and emotional development, bringing together selected writers’ voices that focus on the latest in research with an emphasis on practical application.

“The partnership is testament to He Kupu’s role in creating an inclusive, critical, collaborative and informed community of early childhood professionals, academics, practitioners and students in New Zealand,” NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox said.

“We are proud to be offered this opportunity and it is especially significant because it has come directly after signing an international partnership with EBSCO – a USA-based global research journal database giant.”

“It has been exciting to watch He Kupu grow from a seed of an idea in 2006 into an opportunity for academic team members and students to have their first publication experience. Its current standing of peer reviewed rigour, supported by our International Review Board, serves over 8,000 subscribers today,” she said.

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