NZTC grows digital presence

NZTC grows digital presence


New Zealand Tertiary College expanded its digital reach in 2017 to connect with those interested in the college through social media.

NZTC students, early childhood education and healthcare professionals, and the wider NZTC community can now connect with the college on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and Sina Weibo to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings at NZTC.

“Our social media platforms are a positive way for us to increase our communication and further support our students, the early childhood and health and wellbeing communities, and those interested in communicating and interacting with the college,” said Chief Executive Selena Fox.   

Since launching in May, NZTC’s Facebook page has received more than 900 likes, with hundreds of followers engaging with the college throughout the year.

An official NZTC WeChat account was created in August to communicate with educational partners and prospective students in China. Today over 200 subscribers interested in learning more about NZTC and studying in New Zealand are connected with the college on WeChat.  

In November, NZTC added another communication tool to its social media repertoire by joining Twitter.

To engage with those interested in early childhood research, the college will share research from its early childhood education e-journal He Kupu on Twitter, along with college news and other interesting information shared by individuals and organisations connected to the NZTC community.

During the year, the college stayed connected with more than 1,700 fans on Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo, communicating relevant NZTC news and information with educational partners and prospective students in Chinese. 

NZTC’s existing LinkedIn profile has been refreshed and now features a page dedicated to the college’s alumni. Over 100 alumni have joined so far to expand their network of contacts and connect with like-minded professionals.  

Are you interested in seeing college news, events, newsletters, fun facts, videos, photos, and student stories?  

Connect with NZTC on your social media platform of choice today!

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