College values celebrated throughout August

College values celebrated throughout August


Tradition runs strong at New Zealand Tertiary College with annual celebrations marked on the college calendar for staff and students to enjoy throughout the year. Values Month is one of these.

Every August, the college dedicates a week to each of their four values – Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit. The month provides time for staff to reflect on the values and how their incorporation into the college’s everyday work plays an integral part in NZTC’s contribution to the early childhood education and healthcare communities.

“August is a month where we take the time to reflect on our college values and consider how they inspire the everyday tasks, responsibilities and opportunities that present to us at NZTC,” said Chief Executive Selena Fox.

Team Spirit reigned as college staff participated in fun, engaging activities, including working together to build a 2,000-piece puzzle to show their Competence, gifting books to each other as a gesture of Heart, and decorating four connecting puzzle pieces to showcase their Vision of each value.

Staff also took time to reflect on their colleagues who exemplify the values, nominating people and sharing their stories and experiences to honour them.

Values Month culminated in staff time together with a meal shared in Auckland and Christchurch, and celebrations reaching all the way to India at NZTC’s Mumbai office where staff joined together to celebrate each other and the college’s contribution to communities around the globe.

“One of my most treasured aspects of NZTC is the relationships our college work has brought us together to share, and it’s these friendships based on respect, genuine concern and heart that flows abundantly through all that we are.

“With these shared relationships forming the foundation of our team, our staff gifts, abilities and expertise soar to new heights together in our teaching and learning initiatives for our early childhood and health and wellbeing communities,” said Fox.