Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

This degree provides essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in a number of early childhood related roles. It focuses on the major aspects of early childhood education and explores current issues and trends without the requirement of practice.


Method of learning:


3 years



Courses are divided up into three stages of study. Each stage is a full-time study year of 40 weeks.

Stage 1

Code Course
BEd111 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
BEd112 Professional Studies 1
BEd113 Early Childhood Research 1
BEd114 Early Childhood Writing and Research 1
BEd121 Play as a Framework for Learning
BEd122 Planning and Learning
BEd131 Lifespan Studies 1
BEd132 Positive Child Guidance
BEd141 Te Ao Māori
BEd142 Cultural Diversity

Stage 2

Code Course
BEd211 Values, Beliefs and Practice
BEd212 Professional Studies 2
BEd213 Early Childhood Research 2
BEd214 Early Childhood Writing and Research 2
BEd221 Early Childhood Curriculum 1
BEd222 Early Childhood Curriculum 2
BEd231 Lifespan Studies 2
BEd232 Learning and Behaviour
BEd241 Bicultural Education/Matauranga ā Rua
BEd242 The Family

Stage 3

Code Course
BEd312 Leadership in Early Childhood
BEd315 Investigation in Early Childhood Education
BEd321 Curriculum Approaches
BEd322 Quality Curriculum
BEd331 Lifespan Studies 3: Contemporary Perspectives
BEd332 Inclusive Practice
BEd341 Multicultural Perspectives in Early Childhood Education
BEd342 Early Childhood Issues and Trends

All students will be required to:

  • Engage in online discussions


For more information on our online mode of learning, refer to the Mode of learning page

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Upon completion of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) you may be eligible to apply for the following postgraduate programs. Entry criteria will apply.


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